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Court House is located in a lovely quiet regency townhouse street near the heart of Cheltenham. Priory Street is a very quiet road with little traffic day or night.  

The 4 storey Grade 2 listed building was built around the 1840s and was once home to a famous Poet.

It retains many of its original features whilst having been upgraded to give you modern day comforts. This is a great base for visiting the Cotswolds, attending one of Cheltenham's many festivals or just enjoying Cheltenhams lively bar and restaurant seen or doing some shopping in John Lewis etc


I grew up in Cheltenham and wow how it has changed.  It has always attracted wealthy retirees through its lovely regency  and open spaces and parks.  But since I was a child the town has flooded with up market bars and restaurants and you are now really spoilt for choice.  


I purchased Court House  more than 12 years ago and set about transforming the upper floors one by one into lovely apartments.  They had not previously been touched since the 60s and you could really tell how run down the building had became.  I think you will agree that the 3 apartments I have listed here look lovely.  I plan to retire to the building one day so do come and visit whilst we still have them for rent!

I look forward to welcoming you and are on hand if needed.  Charlie xxx


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